Sound Medical Center
Sound Medical Center Design Facade
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How We Do It

Sound Medical Center Lighthouse logo The Sound Medical® Center located at 1591 Boston Post Road (rt. 1) in Guilford, Connecticut is a good example of how we bring value to our partners and providers.

The Guilford center is a 28,000 square foot facility located immediately off of I-95 on US Route 1 (exit 57) with clear visibility from US Route 1 and I-95. Our site layout, building design and signage are aesthetically pleasing yet noticeable and functional.

The center is comprised of a large primary care practice (approximately 15,000 patients) which forms the referral hub of the facility. Surrounding this practice is Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, General and Orthopedic Surgery, Oncology, Home Nursing Aide, hospital owned Cardiac Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Radiology and session space for sub-specialists who desire ½ day per week to several days per week of office presence.

Sound Medical® of Guilford is 100% leased and expansion is anticipated. Prior to its development, decentralized and scattered single site offices serviced this very significant market. Since its opening, Sound Medical® of Guilford has dominated the family health care market in its area.

Sound Medical Center staffMany of the providers have seen significantly increased patient counts as a result of attracting patients from adjoining markets. Existing patients have found this new suburban location to be very convenient and appreciate the ample free parking. Additionally, both practitioners and staff enjoy the easy commute to work and the decreased expenses of a suburban location. Patients dread a visit to the doctor less and providers have found it easier to attract and retain good employees.

Our provider partners have realized significant annual income from participating in the development and they have created a "nest egg" with the value represented in their ownership shares of the asset.

If this sounds better than paying exorbitant "downtown" rents in an urban location, contact us today to discuss how Sound Medical® can make your practice pay you a double return for your efforts.

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