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Sound Medical Center Design Facade
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What We Do:

For the Practitioner | For the Hospital Administrator

What We Do For the Practitioner

Sound Medical Center staff Sound Medical® strives to create a five star practice environment. When we locate and design a new facility, our major focus of concern is on patient convenience, practitioner and staff convenience and practice dynamics within the facility. These are the components that translate into bottom line results for the provider.

We are very aware of, and knowledgeable about, medical politics and practice dynamics. The core of our facilities is structured around a very productive and convenient network referral pattern within the center. Our goal is to increase provider revenue.

Before the leasing of a new project begins, our staff , in consultation with partnering physicians, analyzes the local dynamics of hospital/practice affiliations and intra-practice referral patterns. Our facilities start with a first quality, large market share primary care practice as their core; surrounded by complimentary specialist, diagnostic, imaging and laboratory presences.

Resultant from this close attention to tenant structuring, the professionals at Sound Medical® Center create a synergy within each facility enabling patient well being, care and convenience. This directly translates into market identity for medical services, market share growth, a defendable market position and enhanced "bottom line" results to our provider tenants and partners. The synergy in our facilities greatly enhances provider quality of life. More convenient referrals, less physician down time, less burden on staff and fewer obstacles presented to the patient all promote an integrated system of care superior to what is presently available in these local markets.

Inquire with us today about how a Sound Medical® Center can help to secure your patients' quality of care and your practice's market presence in the increasingly competitive and dynamic medical delivery system of the ever more deregulated 21st century.

What We Do for the Hospital Administrator

Sound Medical Staff As we enter the 21st century of the medical delivery system, Sound Medical® is fully aware of and sympathetic to the challenges facing the acute care provider. With increased competition, decreased compensation and dislocations caused by ever expanding deregulation, the hospital administrator of the new millennium is faced with a veritable mine field of challenges.

An affiliation with Sound Medical® creates an opportunity for an acute care facility to become actively involved in, and profit from, the decentralization of the medical delivery system. We respond to the medical needs of shifting demographics and expanding technological progress, thus enabling our partners to secure and keep admissions' market share.

Participating in a Sound Medical® Center complex enables a hospital to be actively involved in the first stages of patient care. Hospital/provider/patient relationships are established and nurtured at the initial and most fundamental location of patient contact. Although all of us wish to prevent illness, it is a fact of life. When acute patient treatment is required, the hospital's affiliation with a Sound Medical® Center and its practitioners acts as a conduit for admission to that hospital's medical delivery system as the first and obvious choice.

The dynamics created are beneficial to all. The patient receives enhanced care, convenience and confidence by having an established relationship with a state of the art and strategically located medical center that bears the hospital's presence. The hospital is able to establish its identity at the patient's earliest entry into the medical system and thus position the hospital for the maximum capture and retention of market share.

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