Sound Medical Center
Sound Medical Center Design Facade
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Who We Are

Sound Medical Center staff Sound Medical® is an organization dedicated to bringing the best quality and most convenient full spectrum family health care to the medical delivery system of the 21st century. We accomplish this goal by developing Sound Medical® Centers in demographically desirable areas, often in partnership with local physicians. Our objective is to afford the provider control and economic upside in a changing medical delivery system challenged by deregulation, demographic decentralization, referral patterns, market share objectives and patient convenience.

Phase one begins with a thorough analysis of major urban medical center markets and the suburban population demographics comprising those markets. In Phase two, we meet with our partnering physicians and structure full service community-based Sound Medical® centers. This gives our providers more control over the increase and maintenance of their market share.

Sound Medical Center staffSound Medical® typical structure includes a first quality, large market share primary care practice as the core of the project. Under the same roof as the primary care practice are included appropriate specialists, therapeutics, diagnostics, imaging and laboratory facilities. Careful attention is paid to compatible referral patterns and practice balance within the center as well as hospital admission patterns.

The result of Sound Medical® meticulous structuring is increased quality and convenience of patient care, the growth and security of practitioners market share and an admissions' conduit to participating acute health facilities.

Sound Medical® is a combination of the best from the medical and business worlds. Included are primary care physicians, MBA business analysts and construction specialists. From this base, the resource tree branches out to include the expertise of many specialists, practice managers and hospital administrators with whom we have long term working relationships.

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